10 Happy Habits To Practice, Like Now

Happy Habits

1. Gratitude Journal- THIS one thing changed my whole world around. At the end (or beginning, whatever you prefer) of the day I cosy up in bed with a very pretty notebook and list all the things I’m grateful for that day. Sometime there are only two or three things on the page, but even on the most ordinary day there are lists of 10 or more loved up points of all the things that make me smile. On your not so smiley days, read over the pages previous and you’ll soon change your mind about your mood. I promise. I wrote about gratitude journaling here.

2. Meditate- Try guided meditations, body scanning, listening to relaxing, instrumental music (have you tried The Attitude Revolutions Meditones yet?) Meditation magic blog post to come!

3. Move- In whatever why you love. If you hate the gym, go dancing. If you hate to run, swim instead. Jump, play, climb mountains. However  you love to move, do it daily.

4. Change your mind about your mood- This one comes very close to meditation, but when the inevitable, ‘oh crap’ kinda moment comes and you realise you’re being a grump, chill out, and acknowledge that you have indeed been a dick. When I’m in a bad mood it rubs off on the people around me (to put that more clearly, it rubs off on my darling boyfriend). I used to hold onto my anger/anxiety/negative emotion even after I became aware of it, because I didn’t want to look silly changing mind and snapping out of it. Everyone benefits when we laugh it off and lighten up, the people around you will be grateful for your improved mood too.

5. Self love- I believe that above ALL other thing, self love is the key to true happiness. I know, because I proved it for myself. If the idea of self love is new to you, check out this article.

6. Kindness- Be kind to others, be kind to you, be kind to strangers. Look at the world around you with kind eyes. Remember that each person was once an innocent child, and that innocence is still within them. Everyone is doing the best they can.

7. Express your happiness- And share the love you have for others and for life. Tell the people around you how much they mean to you and if you love something about someone, tell them damn it! They deserve to know, and you might even make their day.

8. Music- there’s nothing like your favourite song or a happy tune to send your mood sky high. Have a ready to go playlist on repeat while you’re getting ready for the day and while doing the

9. Nature- Ground yourself by going outside; breathing fresh air and getting your hands dirty keeps you calm, in balance and is a lovely reminder that we are part of something a whoooole lot bigger than our own little world and the dramas we create.

10. Create- Everyone is creative, in some way or another. Maybe you like to write, or do art. Maybe cooking is more your thing, or decorating a room, designing a webpage or blog, paint your face with makeup, or design a garden or your dream home. Make time for creativity, it nourishes a part of you that nothing else can.

Choose ONE of the points above and tell us how you use it to keep your happiness quota sky high? What other practices or rituals do you use daily to be your happiest self?

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Squat Girl: Three things you need to know- Friday Fit Tip

Deep Squat

I have a love hate relationship with squats; I love the feeling of strength and power they give me, but when there’s a heavy bar on my shoulders, I’m huffing, puffing and red in the face, we’re not mates. Still, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, and for strength, stability, flexibility and function, a squat is up there with the best!

I typed “squat” into pinterest before I started writing this post, curious to see what images are flying around out there, and sure enough I scrolled (and scrolled, and scrolled) through images of (mostly photo shopped) girls and guys performing half way (half arsed) squats. If you’re going to squat, and I really think you should, here’s what you need to know.

Squat tip #1: Squat lower than 90 degrees/half way

Or at least be attempting to. Most people think they’re not strong enough to squat below 90 degrees, but most people will also be surprised by their capabilities when they actually try. It’s a long standing myth that squatting low (I’m talking arse to grass) will injure your knees and back, heck, that’s what they taught me when I went to Personal Trainer school! Lucky enough I’ve had amazing mentors since then and have learnt the truth (phew!)

If you aren’t flexible enough to squat below 90 degrees, proceed with caution to reduce risk of injury.  Go a small amount further each time and using little to no weight initially to increase your mobility. This gives your muscles time to prepare for the added strain. Your body will adapt to the demands placed upon it, as long as you don’t exceed its current ability or its capacity for recovery so squat within your limits, adding resistance conservatively.

Start light and make gradual progress!

Squat tip #2: Stretch to correct posture first

Once we’ve overcome the fear of a deep squat, we have to be physically able to get there, without falling on our butts. Most people have some sort of postural imbalance: tight hip flexors or calves, weak glutes & core (the possible combinations are endless), and physically can’t make it that low.

Whatever the issue is, it must be corrected before you add weights to your squat or the problem will be magnified. Everyone’s imbalances are different so I recommend getting assessed but it’s safe to say, start with stretching your calves, hamstrings, hip flexors and glutes.

*Contact info@selfhealthwellness.com for your personalised postural assessment.

Squat tip #3: Squat to lose fat, strengthen, improve posture, increase flexibility, increase balance, increase speed & power

Whoever you are and whatever you do, squats will benefit you in some way or another. I promise. Even if it’s so as you age gracefully, getting up and down off the loo can be done without a second thought.

Over to you! How do you incorporate squats into your exercise regime or your day? And have you experienced the benefits yourself?

*Photo Credit: dk-workoutlog.blogspot.com

I’ve Got Something For You…

Be Fearless

Every Monday morning after I’ve moved my body and sat in a quiet meditation, I get out my deck of oracle Cards with the intention of seeking some guidance for the week ahead. A few kind words to remind me that where I am is exactly the right place. This week I had four ‘jumpers’; cards that fall from the deck while you’re shuffling, and I’ve never felt more like someone is talking to me, or rather, shaking my shoulders and screaming, listen girl!

When I shuffled through my deck of cards today I thought about YOU; the beautiful people who check in here regularly, or when you feel called to do so. This card is for you today gorgeous, and I hope that you can see where it is relevant in your life right now, even if just for today.

And if you happen to find this post in the future, or if it’s your first time here, I hope this message is timely and you can take it to heart too.

From the bottom of my overflowing heart, thank you for being here. I feel so grateful for your presence and being part of the Self Health Wellness tribe.

*This beautiful deck of oracle cards is from The Little Sage. I love how bright and fresh they are!

My Little Lessons #1 – You Can Only Receive What You First Give Yourself

Self Love

My boy and I have this very special, very cool thing going on. Our sweet love is growing ridiculously deeper as the years speed by. But this weekend, radical love took a slide. (I should point out that by ‘took a slide’ I mean I didn’t spend the day singing and dancing on rainbows, rather I sulked on the couch. Not so tragic & blown way out of the water, I know. You feelin’ me?)

I’m deep in the middle of an energetic transformation; terrifying and exciting all the same. Layer upon layer of all my old demons and doubts have been rising to the surface, fiercer and more intense than ever before, but I know that this muddled up mess is for one final time. I’m releasing negative thought patterns, disempowering beliefs and unhealthy habits (all mind stuff) to make space for the awesomeness that is on the way.

I caught myself being ‘needy’ on the weekend; sliding back into my old ways. And while I moped around the house drenched in boredom and frustration, I remembered that I AM exactly where I need to be. And I remembered that whatever I want, I must first give to myself, because we cannot receive fully from others, what we can’t give to ourselves.

If you want love, give yourself love.

If you want friendship, give yourself friendship.

If you want health, give yourself health.

If you want more money, know what your worth is.

If you want peace, harmony, balance, freedom; take the steps, make the change and give it to yourself first!

It hasn’t always peaches and cream for Tommy and I. But the unimaginably good, head-over-heels-in-love kinda change happened when we both finally started practicing all that awesome self-giving stuff above.

I hope this was a timely reminder for you too.


Joscelin x

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Friday Fit Tip: Personal Training Vs Group Exercise

Self Health Wellness Group Exercise

Happy Friday!! Today’s post is a quickie, I’m here to hone in on the two training services that Self Health Wellness offers and give you the low down on the two so you can decide which one’s for you. When you read through the list check in with yourself, what do you need?

What you get…

Personal Training:

+ Have an appointment to attend and be kept accountable to that

+ Sessions personalised to your specific needs; intensity, exercises, stretches, nutrition and lifestyle chit-chat

+ Emotional support; stress, relaxation techniques, bust down road blocks

+ Postural balance & corrective exercises and stretches to alleviate injuries, aches and pains.

+ Personalised nutrition support

Group Exercise:

+ Be part of a community that has similar goals and interests

+ Fun & engaging with a group of rad people

+Laugh, alot

And my Promise to you… This is how you’ll feel:

+ Fitter

+ Stronger

+ Healthier

+ Happier

+ Sleep better

+ Know how to listen to your body (you already hold all the answers)

+ Body love

+ More focused (see ya coffee)

+ More knowledge about nutrition and stacks of meal ideas

Over to you, What are you looking for when you start a new exercise program or begin training with a professional?

Choosing To Live From A Place Of Love, Not Fear

Choosing to live from  place of love, not fear

Letting go of anxiety

In every endeavour we take on in life, whether it is starting a business, losing weight, moving, marrying or choosing what to have for lunch, we make each decision from a place of love, or a place of fear.

Yep, every single one.

I woke up yesterday morning tied up with a horrible uneasy feeling; knots in my tummy and dread for the day ahead, but for no apparent reason at all. This unease used to be a regular occurrence, I was an anxiety queen. I’ve since ditched anxiety and replaced it with often overwhelming happiness, but recently I have been feeling this way, just icky, more and more. Lucky enough, I catch that feeling and let it slide off my back (in yesterday’s case a chilly swim in the salty water and my go-to affirmation was enough to have me singing and spinning again.)

But until yesterday, I had been ignoring WHY this anxiety and icky-ness had crept back in.

Since I competed in a fitness model competition in May this year, I have struggled with body image issues again. Nowhere near as bad as the old days, but packing on 15kg in three weeks after an almighty binge fest is enough to screw with a girls head and confidence.

Pity party aside, the decisions I have made about what to feed and how to move my body since my comp have predominantly come from a place of fear. Doubts have been swirling; is this good for me, what if it makes me fat? What if I can’t get back to my normal weight? What if my expectations of myself are unreasonable now I’ve seen what my body can look like?  I’ve been racing and desperate to lose weight not because it is good for my health, but because I’m scared I’ll stay unhappy with my body forever. Over exaggeration much?  All these “what if’s” are a mood killer. It’s time to reel things back into reality.

I checked in. I remembered I (still) hold all the answers to the questions I hold and I CAN achieve the body I desire. Breathe.

Affirmations, gentle reminders that I LOVE to exercise, and eating the right amount of nutritious food (not overeating) makes me feel GOOD. Coming from a place of love for my body, my life, my situation and the lessons I have learnt, not from the fear of not being enough, doing enough or looking hot enough; that’s where the magic happens.

Fear can only push you so far, believe me, you’ll break, but LOVE, love is the only sustainable and attainable way. And it feels so, so damn right.

How about you? When you make decisions about ANYTHING in your life, are you coming from a place of love or a pace of fear?  Share with us below.

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Love, Joscelin x

How To Use Affirmations + Five Of My Favourites


Sometimes, my mean girl (aka the nasty voice in my head) is a right biatch. Do you hear her too? This year the volume was turned up on that little voice in my head and I noticed all the nasty things that swirl around in there. The really conscious, positive changes that have come about in my life are thanks to the use of affirmations. Repeating to myself over and over and over again the story I want to play out. I’m literally creating my dream life and whether you know it or not, the thoughts that play in your mind are creating your life too. Have a listen now; are you being kind to yourself?

Enter affirmations. The effect affirmations have on me is enormous. Some days it is the difference between whether I hover in the kitchen and binge or stick to the promise I make myself, to love and nourish my body with healthy food and positive thoughts. Some days it is the difference between wallowing in self-doubt and anxiety, and pressing through resistance and taking small steps towards my dreams.

I have a toolbox filled with love notes ready to put a positive spin on the nasty thoughts when I catch them creeping in. There’s no particular way to use affirmations, you have to find what works for you, but as with any new habit, the key is persistence. It might feel weird consciously talking to yourself at first, but you’re probably already doing it without realising anyway. It’s time to check in.

Hot tips for rocking affirmations:

+ Repeat them over and over; get your happy thoughts stuck in your head!

+ Repeat them in the shower, while you’re driving (my favourite), or while you’re waiting in line.

+ Stick post-it notes on your mirror, on the steering wheel or sun visor in your car, in your diary & on your desk.

+ Set reminders and alarms in your phone (My phone buzzes at 6am, 9am, 12 noon, 3pm and 6pm!)

The affirmations I’m digging right now:

+ I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

+ Authenticity breeds abundance.

+ I am radiant, beautiful and strong.

+ I enjoy a healthy and passionate life.

+ It is safe for me to release excess weight/ I am releasing excess weight.

Over to you gorgeous; what is your ONE favourite affirmation and how do you use it?